Innovative wireless design

Navicron is specialized in technology development projects. We focus on wireless product design.

We connect the dots

Navicron can take lead of the full product development project or any part of it. We work with software, hardware, RF and mechanical design needs.

Every Project is Different

We have applied our talent not only in telecommunications but also in medical, machine-to-machine and automotive industries.


While Navicron is focusing on wireless technologies its skills can be applied to various industries where the wireless connectivity is needed. Today this will cover many industries.


Navicron's provides an innovative approach by designing both the hardware and software in the same company. It allows the development of a higher quality product, as well as better integration of SW and HW.


We develop intelligent devices and connectivity solutions. Interconnected systems of sub systems connect devices with each other. End-to-end connections transform business.


Navicron offers turn key services for wireless product design. The services range from the product concepting and product development to the manufacturing support and everything in between.

Innovative Wireless Device Design

Choosing the most suitable electronics design company for your product is an essential step. Navicron is a contract design house specializing in wireless product design for smart connected products. We handle software, hardware and mechanics design tasks.

From small projects to ODM solutions, we offer innovative, cost-effective and fast service for a wide range of user needs.

Wireless Product Development

SoC + Bluetooth Smart + mLCD integration

Busy in the laboratory integrating the Nordic Semiconductor Bluetooth Smart (BLE) and memory LCD display. This combination creates an extremely low power connected display solution. A possible use case could...

Smart houses with assistive technology

Connected home accessories and systems comprise a smart home. When including office and industrial environments, we are talking about smart houses and buildings. Devices they all may include comprise wireless...

The electronics desgin project has reached its goals.

Creative electronics design services

In most industries creating something substantial is defined as processes. There is a beginning in the process as well as the end. In between, there is enormously much planning, a...

A connected car goes beyond imagination

What is a connected car? It is a car that is equipped with Internet access, and pretty often also with a wireless local area network, WLAN. As simple as this...

Field-testing in cold

How about ice hole swimming in freezing cold water? At the same time you are talking to the investors to make them interested in investing in your company. Actually, you...

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

Navicron R&D team has now setup In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) development platform environment using GENIVI projects. GENIVI host open source projects that facilitate the development of required In-Vehicle Infotainment functionality. This...

High performance embedded graphics

Designing applications for embedded devices means making compromises. If graphics effects impress, performance not necessarily does. Usually, you can’t have both because the HW needed for such operations just isn’t...

Picocell Base Station Platform

We finalized our mobile picocell base station platform. The platform supports RX/TX frequencies between 50-2200 MHz. It has an integrated Ettus USRP B100 bus and WBX wide bandwidth transceiver. Software...

Fleet tracking with Android phones and Traccar

The benefits of fleet tracking are obvious. They include fuel savings and easier work times’ planning. You can read about new business models for fleet tracking from page In...

Digital Signage Solutions

Everything you need to create amazing digital signage! The definition for signage tells that the term refers to the design or use of signs to communicate a message to a...